Two Friends, One Legacy


SweetBuzz was born out of a deep friendship and a shared sweet tooth. When David Drehobl met Francisco Macias at The Georgia Nut Company decades ago, they realized they had more in common than a love of candy. Over time, the two discovered they shared a love of invention and innovation, putting it to good use making and selling candies known for their elevated taste and consistent quality. They also realized they both aspired to create prosperous, supportive working environments for ALL employees.

When Francisco was diagnosed with cancer years later, he used medical cannabis to help manage his pain. The two friends soon realized that their shared love of candy, and the healing power of cannabis could be put to greater good. Dave and Francisco saw a need for two things in the emerging cannabis industry: Products that tasted great. And companies that fostered great employee culture. It was the perfect opportunity to put their experience, talents and passions to work.

Together, they founded the SweetBuzz brand with the belief that products can taste as good as they make people feel. And that their company should be a best place to work, with all employees prospering from this inventive, rapidly growing industry. While Francisco recently lost his long battle with cancer, his passion for helping others and legacy lives on. Today, SweetBuzz is known for its seriously delicious products and vibrant employee culture. We offer an elevated taste, consistency and appeal not seen in the cannabis industry before now.

Leading the Way to a sweeter Future

Breaking Boundaries,
Expanding Deliciousness


Dave was CEO of his family’s candy and chocolate business, The Georgia Nut Company for 40 years During his tenure as CEO he grew the company to $140M. Like many other successful CEOs, he did that without a college degree. He is a natural leader, leading with compassion, motivating others with his no-limits mindset and commitment to always rolling up his sleeves and pitching in.


Francisco lived the quintessential American Dream. He started at The Georgia Nut Company as a candy line worker and retired as Director of Operations. His ambition, grit and commitment to succeeding at work and in life drove Francisco to set and surpass many goals throughout his life. He was an early real estate investor across some of Chicago’s hottest neighborhoods. Francisco’s work ethic, humility, charisma and dedication to both family and friends left a lasting impression on all who knew him. His vision for SweetBuzz will do the same for generations to come.

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